United Consultants has been helping clients to achieve outstanding results for 13 years


United Consultants was founded in 2004, and we are celebrating the anniversary today. We would like to say ‘Thank you’ to all the people who contributed to the establishment and development of the company in the CEE and CIS regions. We would like to say ‘Thank you’ to:


  • Our clients in 23 countries of the world who have entrusted us their most valuable direction in business – development of the management teams. We thank you for the interesting and projects that allowed us to develop and perfect our services and technologies.


  • Our former and current employees in the Ukrainian, Russian and Slovenian offices, who contributed to the development of the strong international executive search consultancy. A successful development of the United Consultants would be impossible without their professional approach


  • All the professionals who advised us and share their developments in executive search methodology and technologies, interviewing methodologies, sales system developments and IT systems. Many other people who helped us improve the quality of our services.


  • Company founders for establishing the company, and Partners for the personal commitment and contribution to company development in Ukraine and other markets.


Due to you, United Consultants has been helping its clients in CEE in CIS regions to form management teams and favor the achieving of outstanding results by the organizations for 13 years.


We will proceed with the development of our business on new markets, new countries and regions. We will continue perfecting skills and talents of our consultants, improving our IT platforms and improving our processes, which will help us proceed providing our clients with high quality services.


Best regards,

United Consultants