Executive Search includes systematic search and professional selection of the top executives, including CEOs, VPs and directors, at the national and international level. 


  • According to western Executive Search methodology, which we strictly follow, every Executive Search project starts with a careful study of the client’s objectives, corporate culture and business approach, and identification of the search criteria, resulting in the development of the job order and search plan.


  • Further search processes include targeting companies and targeting candidates, which produces a long list of candidates. 


  • During the next stage of the search process, United Consultants directly approach the candidates for screening and interviews in order to profile and assess them. This stage results in a short-list of candidates who might be further introduced to the client. 


  • The next stage of the search process includes a series of candidate interviews with the client to ensure that the right candidate with relevant expertise and ability to contribute to company development and reach company objectives is chosen. 


  • The final stage includes negotiations on employment conditions and induction period for a successful candidate. 


We at United Consultants keep a win-win approach and we act as a mediator between the client and the successful candidate while discussing benefits, compensation and other employment conditions. In this role we communicate all the concerns the candidate may have about accepting the position, and we help the candidate to correctly assess the job offer. In other words, we strongly contribute to the mutual agreement of the parties in the search process, and this approach strongly affects the success rate of our projects. While finalizing the project, we also carefully support both client and candidate during the transition and induction period, to ensure a smooth integration into the organization. We at United Consultants pay special attention to this stage, and our clients in the CEE and CIS highly appreciate our approach. 


While consultants’ experience in executive search and strong compliance with the search methodology are key in the Executive Search process, so too market intelligence, networking abilities and existent contacts, and diverse knowledge of management tools also influence the success of the Executive Search project. Still, the success of a project is impossible without the client’s personal involvement. Executive Search projects are executed by the project team consisting of Consultants or Partners and Research Consultants.