Management Solution is focused on talented and perspective managers with specific expertise, or other valuable non-Directors position that are crucial for the company development and success now and in the future. 

While offering Management Solution to our clients, we at United Consultants strictly follow the search methodology, which is pretty much the same but slightly varies. We start with a thorough study of the client’s objectives, corporate culture and business approach, and a detailed job order. We proceed with broad target list of candidates covering broad industrial and functional expertise, which result in a broader short list of candidates and a series of interviews with them. The process is finalized with a job offer to the right candidate, candidate’s resignation from current employment, and transition to the client’s organization.

Within Management Solutions, we offer tailor made solutions to our clients and we focus on the selection process for a right candidate. Management Solution projects are executed by a project team consisting of the Consultants with the personal involvement or control of company Partners, using the network of all company employees, experience and expertise of the partners and the functional expertise of the company.