Our Approach


We at United Consultants are committed to helping our clients to attract, engage and retain top talents by providing high-quality Executive Search, Board Services, Management Solutions and HR Consulting services. Our approach lies in a combination of the rich Executive Search and industry expertise of our consultants, in full compliance with the world’s best Executive Search methodology, and personal Partners’ commitment to every project. Whether it is an Executive Search or Management Solutions project for any industry, we accurately follow the search methodology. We thoroughly study our client’s business objectives and corporate culture, directly approach candidates, carefully assess and select the right ones to present to the client. We also lead the employment negotiations to achieve mutual agreement between the client and the candidate. We treat every candidate as a unique expert and we do our best to ensure a positive experience for our candidates during interviews and negotiations. We at United Consultants consider every project unique, and we develop tailor-made solutions for our client’s benefit. These allow us to execute projects in any country of the CEE and CIS region, which result in a high success rate of our projects and long-term co-operation with our clients.

Our consultants have undergone numerous Executive Search methodology training, many series of workshops on interviewing and candidate assessment, a number of business trainings and have obtained relevant certifications. This allows for an appropriate assessment of candidates and a deep understanding of certain businesses, which ensure high-quality service for our clients and secure a positive, unique experience for our candidates.


Executive Search includes systematic search and professional selection of the top executives, including CEOs, VPs and directors, at the national and international level.


With Board Services United Consultants offers a systematic search and professional selection of independent directors, board members, Chairmen of the boards and advisors at the national and international level.


Management Solution is focused on talented and perspective managers with specific expertise, or other valuable non-Directors position that are extremely crucial for the company development and success now and in the future.


HR Consulting includes organizational consulting, compensation packages or candidates’ market overviews, overview of the compensation culture and traditions in different countries; candidate and team assessment using third party tools or SHL tools, leadership development and consultancy on other recruitment related issues.