United Consultants predicts Executive Search market growth in 2017. 

International executive search consultancy provides a brief overview of the Executive Search market in Ukraine, according to which the market experienced a modest growth at 5-10% in 2016. According to company data, executive search services were in high demand among the dynamic companies and fast-growing industries, including agriculture, IT, retail and export-oriented companies. At the same time, the number of candidates who correspond to companies’ requirement does not increase. Additionally, foreign top-managers have some concerns about working in Ukraine, while quite many Ukrainian CEOs moved to other countries. Therefore, United Consultants predicts a lack of high-qualified and experienced top-managers in 2017.

Stanislav Vilyukha, partner of the international executive search consultancy United Consultants, predicts that the Executive Search market may grow by 25-30% in 2017, if the Ukrainian economy revives according to forecasts. He believes that Executive Search, Management Solution and Board Services will be in high demand in 2017.